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VISVA Cognitive Cloud

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Data Processing & Analysis

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  • Select software type
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Realtime Operations

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  • Real time data management
  • As a service model
  • Complete Flexibility
  • Device as a service too
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Compute Power

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  • Choose from basic Virtual machines to
  • high performance compute GPUs
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Backup & Restore

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iED CloudPlace Differentiators

Easily get started

iED converts Capex into Opex thereby reducing your financial burden significantly

Scale as your needs grow

You decide when to upsize or downsize. Anytime. Anywhere. Anyway.

No hidden cost

You know what you are paying for? No hidden cost.

Your trusted Partner

We are more than a market place. We want to remain your trusted partner in your success

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is CloudPlace?
    Cloud Place is a cloud based market place where one can buy data processing and analysis software, computer power or storage in an on demand way i.e. on hourly or monthly or annual basis.
  • Who owns the software?
    Software is owned by respective software vendor. It gets listed on iED marketplace once an agreement is reached between the software vendor and iED.
  • Does subscription include maintenance?
    Subscription is without maintenance and it gives one the freedom to control costs. Maintenance is available at an additional price.
  • Do you have enterprise pricing?
    There may be an enterprise pricing as per the policies of software vendor.
  • Can you integrate with our on-premise setup? Yes, Precisely. You can operate in three modes. Private Cloud, Public Cloud or Hybrid Cloud. On cloud infrastructure is an extension to you on-premise environment.
  • What about security? Yes, we are as concerned about security as much as you are. Write to us at and we will provide you every detail to win your trust with regards to security compliances.