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Refining & Retail Solutions

Drive improvements in bottom line with digital solutions for downstream

Downstream manufacturing, distribution and logistics businesses are working in an increasingly competitive and volatile marketplace, with stricter environmental regulations and evolving business models. Refining and chemical manufacturers face complexities such as heavier, more sour and costly crude oil, aging infrastructure and a declining experienced workforce.
Whether you’re bringing a new refinery online, upgrading an aging facility, seeking to decrease downtime or comply with changing regulatory requirements, iED offers customized analytics driven solutions to meet those needs.

With the help of iED automation and digital solutions you can achieve improved efficiency in terms of operations and performance management of the refineries and terminals.

Our refining & retail solutions focus upon

Integration of various information systems or data lakes enabling users to make integrated decision making and predict key performance indices

Leveraging open source technologies to develop analytics solution to reduce off-spec products

Better compliance with integrated energy consumption, emissions management, contractor safety and risk analytics dashboards

Key Offerings

  • Digital Refinery
  • Integration with field information tags such as PI
  • Enterprise Asset and Risk Management
  • Cloud based refinery planning & scheduling solutions
  • Advanced data analytics
  • SCADA and Field Automation Services

Benefits Delivered

  • Improved service delivery and margins
  • Data driven insights into operational issues or strategic plans
  • Gain Competitive advantage
  • Reduced total cost of ownership
  • Faster decision making