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About Us

We are iEnergy Digital.

We establish trust by delivering desired results.

We help oil & energy companies take small steps toward their transformation journey for digital enablement. We leverage cloud, IOT and data science to offer future proof solutions for the energy sector. 

We have experience in enabling remote assets to connect to enterprise SCADA, integrating multiple control systems and applying complex machine learning algorithms and visualizations for advanced prescriptive analytics. Our solutions help in risk reduction and delivers desirable business outcomes.

We believe that innovation is not about the cost. It’s about the passion to create a difference. The future is digital. We help you transition quickly to new technologies to deliver results.

We create value for your businesses by extending the power of digital and analytics throughout your enterprise by enablement, integration and risk reduction.

Our willingness to innovate combined with our exceptional team assure better customer experience and improved business outcomes.

Our strength is our deep domain knowledge of oil and gas coupled with our unique ability to apply cost effective solutions to complex technology problems.

Why iED

  • We are agile. We commit faster turnarounds for our customers
  • Our team collectively has over 100 years of experience in oil, gas and energy
  • We drive business outcomes for our customers
  • Strong expertise in integrating multiple source data systems
  • We believe in less overheads and more business impact
  • Decades of experience in open source, analytics and cloud technologies
  • We focus on continuous innovation. We build future proof solutions
  • We assure better customer experience