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Mobile Apps

Improve performance. Enhance customer experience.

The importance of mobile technology increases on an almost weekly basis, and industries must find ways to keep up with the changes in technology, and the changes in the way people use it. Mobile applications can help transform business processes by delivering transformational functionality with rich user experience, ease of use and seamless integration to back-end systems.

A wide variety of mobile applications can now be deployed across engineering and operations (including drilling, well management, and EH&S). By enabling the seamless of information – whenever and wherever it is needed most – the technologies now available have effectively closed the decision-making loop, going beyond mere data capture to include real-time analysis and response in the field.

iED specializes in these strategic digital solutions and make them work for you by customizing them based on your business goals. iED’s mobile applications prepare and integrate diverse data sources to produce high quality ready-to-analyze information.

iED’s Mobile Solutions

At iED, we build applications that can provide you with the following solutions:

  • Production Management Surveillance
  • Asset and inventory management
  • Field data management
  • Remote digital document access
  • Environmental assessments
  • Analytics and dashboards

At iED, we maintain a team of designers, programmer and developers, all of whom allow us to produce high quality oil and gas mobile apps which help you to improve operational capabilities and reduce costs. Empower your workforce with mobile intelligence to make better decisions faster with dashboards, reports and visualizations they need – when and where they need.