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Integrate your field and enterprise data systems

Facing challenges integrating information between multiple vendors DCS or SCADA? Having isolated data loggers or dumb field devices.
Our iF2E integration platform helps you to get all the right information at a single place and to perform data driven advanced analytics.

Getting disparate systems—from the plant to the business level—to automatically share data effectively for improved business intelligence, visualization and decision making has been a long-sought-after industry goal. Our iF2E integration platform makes this possible through data exchange and automatic data synchronization between two or more business and/or plant systems. The system integration capabilities of iF2E include handling XMLs, flat files, and database queries beyond different applications, allowing for the integration of diverse plant applications with ERP or other business and enterprise-level systems. iF2E integrates your field data sources with your enterprise information systems. It allows you to ingest data from various field source systems like different SCADA or DCS systems.

Three Layers of Enterprise Integration

Process Automation
iF2E delivers asset optimization, process control, and management execution through industry 4.0 based plant architecture.

Plant Management
iF2E helps in predictive maintenance, performance analysis, and optimization applications.

Enterprise Management
iF2E integrates process automation and plant management systems with the other information systems,including maintenance management, laboratory information,plant design, or financial information systems.


  • Fewer hardware vendors to support
  • Fewer software vendors to deal with
  • Object based – PLC & HMI/SCADA
  • Integrated documentation
  • Powerful Diagnostics
  • Correlated data presentation


  • Fewer applications to support
  • Fewer software vendors to deal with
  • Easier platform migration
  • Fewer interfaces to develop and maintain
  • Share common IT infrastructure