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Exploration & Production Solutions

Optimize Performance. Reduce Cost. Leverage iED.

The oil and gas industry has become increasingly challenging, with most of the oilfields of the world maturing, and new complex reservoirs posing difficulties in extraction. Couple this with the price volatility, the pressure on the industry is greater than ever before. It is imperative that the focus of the oil and gas organizations is to minimize production costs to stay profitable. Adopting a strategy that optimizes production efficiency, reduces operational costs, and keeps a clean safety and environmental record is what is required to drive the industry through these difficult times.

Digital technologies are adding value to upstream oil and gas companies by helping them reduce costs, make faster and better decisions and increase workforce productivity. The key enabling technology for Digital Transformation in the near term is the rapid growth in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), which is driving new approaches to both Big Data and predictive analytics. IIoT enabled devices and systems can facilitate efficient oil and gas operations, with minimum human intervention, providing higher value than traditional technology and automation.

iEnergy Digital E&P Solutions

Drilling Optimization 
Drilling Automation, WITSML Integration,
Reduce Invisible Lost Time

Reservoir on Demand 
Subscription based cloud solutions for data processing & analysis. Pay as you go

E&P Project Management
Manage your oilfield data from day 1 of Land Acquisition to Civil, Seismic surveys, drilling, completions and production

Production surveillance and optimization
Design, integration, implementation and support. Dashboards for wells & reservoir

Enterprise Risk Analytics
Predictive analysis of likely risks and steps to mitigate them

Analytics Training
Enable your workforce by choosing right analytics training

Business benefits our solutions offer

  • Optimized production efficiency

  • Reduced non-productive time

  • Improved operational efficiency

  • Better asset management

  • Reduced total cost of ownership