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Enterprise Applications

We implement various best of breed enterprise applications.

Enterprise Asset Management

An Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system is a highly valued piece of software for organizations that have enormous number of machinery, equipment, electronic devices, spare parts and facilities under its operational purview. With automated processes that ensure timely preventive and predictive maintenance activities, the core EAM product aids organizations in minimizing asset related capital and operational expenditures, and at the same time giving them the safety of meeting compliance related rules and regulations.iEDs ecosystem team has wide experience in implementing various off the shelf EAM products like Infor, Maximo and others.

Master Data Management

Even the best of breed materials management system will be rendered ineffective if insufficient thought and effort goes into preparation of Master Data.iEDhas experience in preparing catalogue that is world class. We have prepared catalogues based on the old style of line based as well as the current trend of noun modifier format. Some of the MDM related services offered are

  • Materials & Equipment Master Data Preparation, Cleansing and Enrichment
  • Equipment taxonomy and dictionary, Material Coding, Inventory Solutions
  • Creation of Common Service Master, Structure Cataloguing & Cross referencing
  • Transition to SAP or other enterprise systems

Enterprise Risk Management

An effective Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) solution helps to transform your organization and empowers you to tackle your risk potential head-on – proactively identifying, understanding and managing your risk for sustainable, long-term growth.

iED has wide experience in implementing end to end functionalities of ERM like:

  • Building the risk taxonomy
  • Developing the risk registers
  • Risk network mapping & Building analytical engines
  • Mitigation Simulation using probabilistic methods
  • Risk dashboards

An ERM application works like a decision support system for the CXOs in addition to a compliance requirement. Studies suggest that some of the recent disasters in the energy industry were due to lack of an efficient risk monitoring system.

Enterprise EHS Management

The oil and energy industry continue to endure extreme disruption as we continue to seek alternative energy sources. With climbing EHS concerns, compliance regulations, sustainability focus, and uncertainty regarding energy policy, companies are constantly faced with challenges in protecting their people, assets, and communities. From preventing incidents and avoiding oil spills to developing a strong security culture and ensuring a healthy workplace, running safe and environmentally responsible operations can be easier when the right tools are in place.

Enterprise EHS tools empowers you to identify hazards, manage EHS risks, and measure and report on workplace and process safety events. Ensure safety across your upstream, midstream, and downstream operations – from pipelines and production plants to refineries, rigs, and storage units.

GHG & Emissions Management

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Software solution covers the entire greenhouse gas management cycle.

Organize your emission inventory

  • Set your organizational structure
  • Define your inventory scope for direct and indirect emissions
  • Define your emissions sources & calculation methodology

Collect and consolidate emission data

  • Identify & collect your activity data, check & validate
  • Calculate & consolidate your GHG emissions at any level of your organization
  • Create flexible and dynamic reports and dashboards

Monitor your compliance and performance

  • Set your corporate emission reduction targets& identify reduction opportunities
  • Manage abetment measures, track company progress & compliance obligations
  • Audit and track data accuracy and integrity & Communication

Enterprise Dashboards

Business intelligence dashboards enable c-level and other top executives to gain a bird’s-eye view of their business and identify strengths and weaknesses in real time, freeing them from the traditional bottleneck of manual reporting. Building executive dashboards require real time integration with enterprise data systems like SCADA, ERP, technical RDBMS and other unstructured data like excel files, emails, PDF etc.

iED has extensive experience in building custom and role-based dashboards for oil & energy companies by integrating information from various ERP, SCADA and other Oil & Gas technical data systems.