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Drilling Analytics

Field Drilling Instruments Automation, WITSML Conversion and Data Visualization

Oil and gas companies increasingly are using data to improve drilling practices. Rigs provide massive amounts of data to help engineers optimize well performance to reduce downtime and associated costs. Executives are monitoring the evolution of big-data technology, especially analytics and machine-learning capabilities. The resulting design of efficient preventative maintenance schedules can reduce operational problems.

iEDAnalytics provides the complete set of drilling data and analytics. Our experts work with you to make sense of the data and assist in making clear, real-time decisions.
Using our real-time monitoring and advisory services, oil & gas operatorscan avoid problematic drilling events before they occur. By consistently identifying events ahead of time, drilling projects can be safely completed ahead of time with reduced costs and optimum efficiency.

We offer real time drilling analytics solutions from drilling field equipment automation to WITS data capture, WITSML conversion, data aggregation and real time drilling operations management.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Reduce Invisible Lost Time and NPT.
True mirror of wellwith real time models

Reduced Operational Challenges

Solve hole circulation, kick detection or tripping etc. issues

Reporting & Analytics

Daily well wise reports, analytics and compare wells or assets

Learnings from Past

Improve efficiency, incorporate past learnings to optimise trajectory

Real Time Analytics

Real time visualization & analytics between ROP, Drag and Torque etc

Manage Complex Operations

Support operations like HPHT, managed pressure, deep water etc.