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Cloud Services

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Leverage cloud to reduce total cost of ownership

What is Cloud?

Cloud computing is the delivery of computing services pertaining to data storage, processing, analytics applications and more. It is likely if you have spent any time on the internet or use devices connected to the internet that you have used some cloud computing.

What is Saas?

In today’s digital world, where industries are embracing technological advancements to enhance operational efficiency and productivity, SaaS provides you an alternative to the traditional ways of accessing software.With SaaS service, rather than purchasing a software and loading it into their devices, theusers can take leverage of thesubscription based model, where the software is hosted in the cloud and accessed via the internet, and use the software as per their need.

SaaS in Oil and Gas

Given the current volatility in the industry and increased confidence in cloud platforms,oil and gas companies are racing to move their applications to cloud-based modes. Oil and gas operations are data & analysis intensive and there is readily attainable value to be derived from deploying cloud-based services.

iED Services

iEDCloud solutions minimizes your overhead expenses by 50% or more and provides a more efficient, customized alternative to improve your data processing, transfer and storage methodology with a cloud environment.Our software applications include entire E&P value chain. One can use Seismic Processing & imaging’, ‘Reservoir Characterization’, and ‘Well Log Data Processing’ and “Digital Oilfield” applications from multiple vendors. This is what you need to do to take benefits of our services:

Book software and infrastructure appropriate to your workflow

Spend right amount of time and money processing data

Use specific equipment and software tools at your convenience

Benefits for clients

  • No hardware costs or initial setup costs: No upfront payment is needed for infrastructure and applications are ready to use once you subscribe
  • Pay for what you use: Partticularly beneficial for you when you require the software for a short period
  • Cross device compatibility: The applications can be accessed via any internet enabled device, such as desktops, smart phones and tablets
  • Accessible from any location: Users aren’t restricted to one location and can access applications from any internet enabled device and no special connection is needed
  • No minimum commitment
  • Zero idle time
  • Freedom for consumption quotas
  • Security compliance

iED also offers cloud based high performance computing, compute and storage solutions. You do not to invest in building a data centre. Whenever you have a compute requirement, just log on to our marketplace and buy the compute or storage power you need. All on demand. As you need it and Pay as you go. You have the flexibility to control your costs now.

iED offers not only the SAAS or PAAS solutions but an end to end 24x7 support. You can choose the support type from four different tiers based on your requirement.

Our support includes workflow integration, data upload or download, application training or software updates or installation. You can call it support as a service too.

iED cloud market places converts your capex into an opex so that you can focus more on your core business.