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Advanced Analytics

Agile Architecture. Analytics combined with IOT & Machine Learning

iED implement best-fit technologies to orchestrate business processes to create compelling customer experiences, improve operations and reinvent business models.Using a digital business enablement platform, iED provides an accelerated path to digital twin that is secure, scalable, available and economical

Advanced Analytics

Organizations are eager to make advanced analytics accessible to more users and expand the insight into the business. The tsunami of digital business technologies, big data, social, mobile, analytics and cloud, and the lowering costs of these technologies, make it much more feasible for companies to act and succeed. By becoming increasingly helpful through the ability to learn and draw connections between data and intelligent actions, iED allows you to evolve from simple descriptive analytics to prescriptive recommendations using various technologies like Power BI, Spot fire, Tableau etc. We are totally technology agnostic and focused on analytical outcomes.  

Machine Learning

Machine learning allows us to leverage computing power to combat the volume, veracity and velocity of the variety of information. Machine Learning is a process. It allows us to build data models as data comes in and then change them as even more data comes in. Plus, it can test many types of models and pick the best one based on criteria that you select. Our machine learning solutions are based on technologies like Microsoft and are designed to apply machine learning, enabling us to deploy your model in minutes, as a fully managed web service that can connect to any data, anywhere.


IoT generates continuous streams of information that are then analyzed and used to trigger transactions, workflows and business processes. With the invent to IOT driven RTUs, new kind of SCADA is emerging. The data originates from machine to machine data, devices and sensors. Using our agile architecture involving best of breed open source and proprietary technologies along with specialized components such as the Internet of Things (IoT) for sensor or device data, Machine Learning for predictive analytics and business rules engine solution, we help our customers become digital businesses. iED has assembled a suite of best-in-class components in a cloud configuration that can be deployed for a small fraction of the cost for businesses of all sizes.    

Predictive Analytics

Generally, we are used to reviewing historical information to make decisions about today. But digital innovators are anticipating the future by moving toward real-time predictive management and outperforming their competitors. One may start by incorporating for ecasting ability into routine operations, while other are using predictive analytics to automate decisions for faster customer service and responsiveness to changes in market trends.